4-30-2018 Bible Study – Life of Messiah Study 46

4-30-2018 Life of Messiah Study 46

4-30-2018 Life of Messiah Study 46 audio

Life of Messiah – Opposition to the King. Luke 11:14 – 16 the crowds were amazed because Jesus cast out the demon from a mute person. Rabbis taught that if anyone could ever do this it would be a sign that the predicted Messiah was here. Again, the people were wondering if this man could be this predicted Messiah. Others were convinced he was not and parroted what the leadership had concluded about Jesus being of Beelzebub. Luke 11:17 – 23 During this time, rabbis were able to cast out some demons. Jesus took their own logic and challenged them by asking where did they get their power? This was bringing judgment upon themselves. Condition of the nation – Luke 11:24 – 28 Jesus taught that after one was healed of demon oppression, that the demon could return and it would be worse than before. What matters is not that the person is healed, but what can be done to defend against a reinfection. Be filled with the Holy Spirit! Luke 11:29 – 32 Jesus states that this is an evil generation and it seeks a sign. The sign of Jonah will be the only sign given. This sign is to be Jesus’s resurrection. Jonah was a messenger. His message was to repent. The people of Nineveh repented, unlike the nation of Israel during Jesus’s time. Luke 11:33 – 36 to receive Him and His message is to walk in the light. To reject His message is to walk in darkness.

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