8-10-2015 Bible Study – The Ekklesia; Past, Present, and Future Study 37

8-10-2015 Ekklesia Study 37

8-10-2015 The Ekklesia Study 37 audio

Ekklesia present – Gifting – What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. One doctrine by some is almost a literal experience where the Holy Spirit comes upon you after becoming a believer. The bible teaches that once you become a believer you have some measure of the Holy Spirit. There are those today that believe if you can’t speak in tongues the Holy Spirit has not come upon you. What is our relationship with the Holy Spirit? Being filled with the Holy Spirit is another thought in addition to a charismatic approach. Ephesians 5:18. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is available to all believers but not all believers are completely filled. Even if completely filled does not mean that you contain all spiritual gifts. One becomes filled with the Holy Spirit by asking for it. The Holy Spirit will immerse the new believer into the Ekklesia. Believers need to ask for the Holy Spirit if you want it. The Holy Spirit will distribute spiritual gifts as the Holy Spirit sees fit. Have all spiritual gifts ceased? If so, where do these gift traits come from? 1 Corinthians 12: 1-3. Satan cannot be the originator of spiritual gifts traits if one is a believer. Spiritual gifts are still active today. If not from the Holy Spirit it could be from self. We are called to test the spirits. The bible does not teach that spiritual gifts have not ceased. Gifts will cease when “The Perfect One” comes which will be the return of Jesus Christ. If gifts are gone then you have to believe that all are gone including teaching and service. Dangerous ground spiritually if you believe gifts have ceased.

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