7-27-2015 Bible Study – The Ekklesia; Past, Present, and Future Study 36

7-27-2015 Ekklesia Study 36

7-27-2015 The Ekklesia Study 36 audio

Ekklesia Present – Gifting: The main areas of the New Testament that discuss gifting included Ephesians 4, Romans 12:4-8, 1 Corinthians 12,13,14. The two most controversial gifts are tongues and prophecy. Acts 2 helps to analyze. In chapter 2 the speakers are filed with the Holy Spirit, speakers are speaking a language not native to themselves. The language being spoken is a known language. The language being spoken did not require an interpreter. But in 1 Corinthians an interpreter is required. There are differences in Acts 2 and 1 Corinthians. Possible that what happened in Acts 2 is not the spiritual gifts discussed in 1 Corinthians. Peter announces that this is a fulfillment of prophecy Joel spoke about 600 years earlier. Joel said He was to pour out the Holy Spirit on all nations. One of those evidences of the Spirit would be prophecy. When Peter announced this it was the beginning of the last days. We are still in the last days today. Peter challenges the “men of Israel” to accept the idea of Jesus as the Messiah and repent! Repentance of Israel is the pre-condition to the restoration of all things – The messianic kingdom. Evidence of being baptized in the Holy Spirit is not speaking in tongues. Paul did not teach that everyone has the gifts of tongues. Acts 2 describes a one-time event. Ephesians 5:18 – Be filled with the Holy Spirit – implies one (a believer) can be less than filled. Pray/ask to be filled. Luke 11:9-13 – “Ask”! The doctrine of “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” – All believers share the reality of being baptized by the Spirit. It makes us part of the body of Christ, the Ekklesia. If every believer has been baptized in the Spirit, then it must happen at the moment you accept Christ and become a Christian.

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