3-23-2015 Bible Study – The Ekklesia; Past, Present, and Future Study 22

3-23-2015 Ekklesia Study 22

3-23-2015 The Ekklesia Study 22 audio

Evidence of leadership in a local body of believers.  Philippians 1:1 – Overseers and Deacons are mentioned.  Other versions say Bishops and Deacons could be servants, ministers.  Deacons by definition is one who executes the commands of another.  A Deacon is a roll within the Ekklesia.  Acts 6:1-7 – Describes the function of a Deacon.  These group of men selected by the congregation of the believers.  These men should be filled of the spirit, be responsible, of good character and men of wisdom.  Tasks from the Apostles to the Deacons were delegated.  The Apostles were still responsible for all the tasks even though these tasks were delegated.  Elders and Deacons all maintain a leadership responsibilities.  Deacons can be men or women per 1 Timothy 3:8-11 and/or Romans 16:1.  Peobe was a Deacon.  Philipians 2:3-11 discusses how to be a leader in the Ekklesia.  Good description of leadership by example.

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